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February 13, 2015

Eastport Maine

 IN THE DEPTHS OF WINTER, snow and sea smoke dwarf a shoveller at the bottom of Clark St. in Eastport. (Edward French photo)

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Eastport Maine
CLIMBING FORT HILL, a walker heads into a white-out during the January 31 snowstorm in Eastport. (Edward French photo)


Front Page Stories

by Lora Whelan

Millennium Marine USA is seeking to purchase the city-owned, former Guilford mill building where the boatbuilding business is located. Owner Cory Guimond made an offer of $200,000 for the building at the February 4 Eastport City Council meeting. He cited the need for many upgrades including repairs to the concrete and insulation, expansion of the ventilation system and additional electrical work. If he owned the building, Guimond told the council, putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into the building would make more sense. He also noted that he would be paying real estate taxes to the city.


Record snowfall blankets Quoddy area

Lubec digs out after storms
by JD Rule

According to the National Weather Service, the recent spate of heavy snowfall is "very unusual." In fact, what some have dubbed "StormZilla" is officially unprecedented. While confirmed figures are not available for Lubec, weather service observations were recorded in several nearby communities. In Eastport, from January 24 through February 3, four "significant storms" deposited 76 inches. In Machias, where records go back to 1893, the total for the same period was 62.1 inches, eclipsing the December 1964 tally of 35.5. According to the weather service, the most recorded in Maine during any previous 10-day period was 71 inches, at the Ripogenus Dam, just west of Mt. Katahdin, in early 1963. The service also points out that coastal regions got the brunt of the recent weather pattern, with comparatively little falling in northern and western regions.

Plow crews struggle to keep up
by Edward French
Four snowstorms dumped 76 inches of snow -- nearly six and a half feet -- on Eastport in just over a week. That amount of snow -- a record for documented snowfall in a 10-day period in Maine -- has challenged everybody in the communities of Downeast Maine and the Fundy Isles, but particularly the snowplow drivers. They, along with many others, have been helping out their neighbors in digging out of the depths of winter.
Love stories warm hearts on Valentine's Day
by Susan Esposito

Every February 14 people have a reminder of how important it is to have someone to love and somebody to love you. Some married couples in the Cobscook and Quoddy area have celebrated a great many Valentine's Days together and feel very fortunate to have found the right person for them.

Heating assistance program strained by residentsí needs
by Susan Esposito

Following the recent town vote killing the municipal facilities proposal, the Lubec Select Board called an emergency meeting on January 9. The key issue is the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $300,000, which can only be spent on the sand/salt storage facility. The grant will expire in June if substantial progress has not been made towards construction.


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