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December 8, 2017
Scallops -- Simone & Rachel
ON OPENING DAY of the scallop season, the crews of three draggers shuck their harvest off Lubec before heading to a buyer. A total of 73 boats were fishing in Cobscook Bay on the first day this year. See article about the season in the current issue of The Quoddy Tides.  (Chessie Crowe photo)
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Calais Christmas Parade
HANGING ON TIGHT to her three-year-old daughter Jo Jo as she spins to see another float in the Calais Lioness Christmas Parade on December 1 is Cheryl Harriman of Calais. This year’s parade grand marshall was Michael Mclean. (Robin Farrin photo)

Front Page Stories

Eastport city council upholds firing of police chief
by Edward French

After a four-and-a-half-hour, courtroom-like hearing on November 27, four Eastport city councillors voted unanimously to uphold City Manager Elaine Abbott's firing of Police Chief Dale Earle. Councillor Shannon Emery was not present. Over 30 residents attended the hearing, which was held at city hall in open session, since Earle requested that the scheduled executive session be open to the public. However, the public was not allowed to speak, and the testimony presented was at times confusing or contradictory.

Lucky and Pepsi lobsterís fame makes waves around the world
by Arlene Benham

A couple of unusual lobsters have been caught by Grand Manan fishermen during the first two weeks of the season, quickly becoming famous across Canada and even overseas. First to hit the news locally was "Lucky," a pale blue lobster caught on November 21 by Robinson Russell. He is now sharing a tank at the Harbour Grille and Gift House with a yellowish lobster and a calico whose patterns are reminiscent of the shapes of lichen on rocks. Lucky is nearly translucent underneath, and his pale blue shell has hints of purplish pink, prompting one of the staff to nickname him the "candy floss lobster."

Lubec resident raises funds for African orphans
by Lora Whelan

Part‑time Lubec resident and former Maine House Representative Katherine Cassidy is back Downeast for a month or so to raise funds for work she is doing in Sierra Leone. "I can't wait to go back," she says of her work with the Home of Hope orphanage and Touch the Sky nonprofit in the African country.

Calais freshman creates new school website
by Lura Jackson

The school system of Calais has a new digital presence as a result of a collaborative effort between faculty and a talented freshman. The new website, designed by student Shane DelMonaco, went live recently with a wealth of informative content. It was presented to the school committee on December 5, along with a report of the iPads now in use by 7th and 8th graders and a second reviewing of the employee cell phone policy.

Stored Solar plays catch-up with area logging companies
by Johanna S. Billings

Several Maine loggers have yet to be paid by Stored Solar, though others have received money to cover outstanding balances. In October 2016 Stored Solar purchased idled Covanta plants in both Jonesboro and West Enfield, hoping to sell not only electricity generated through burning wood but also waste products such as ash, excess heat and carbon dioxide. Maine logging firms began delivering biomass fuel to the plants, but some reported that they had not been getting paid.

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