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January 13, 2017

Shead Tigers Eastport Maine

GOING FOR A LAY-UP to score against East Grand on January 3 is Matt Harris of the Shead Tigers. Shead won by a score of 61–45, and the Tigers have a 4–5 record midway through the season.  (Don Dunbar photo)

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Eastport Maine storm / boat
WORKING TO SECURE skiffs at the floats in Broad Cove, Eastport, during high winds gusting up to 55 mph on Wednesday, January 11, is Scott MacNichol. (Edward French photo)

Front Page Stories

Bills target school choice in UT, drug epidemic
by Edward French

School choice for students in the unorganized territories (UT), education funding, the drug epidemic, Maine's citizen initiative process and tribal-state relations are all targeted in proposed legislation that has been put in the hopper by Washington County legislators. The bills will be the subject of public hearings in the coming months.

Boutique hotel downtown set to be launched
by Lora Whelan

The former American Can Company building on the waterfront of downtown Eastport is about to start on a 21st century journey of restoration and reuse. The 36,000-square-foot brick structure, which was built in 1908 to support the sardine industry, has had many incarnations, from can manufacturing to salmon farming. The building's renaissance as a boutique hotel with residential and retail space is now in place with a new ownership structure. The building's 11‑year owner, Dirigamus LLC, is partnering with the Arnold Development Group (ADG), the developer of the 60,000-square-foot Mayo Mill in Dover‑Foxcroft and significantly larger projects in Kansas City, Mo. With the new partnership, one of the downtown's last remaining buildings in need of a future is on its way.


Assistance funds seek help

Pantries take stock
by Susan Esposito

Food pantries in Washington and Charlotte counties are holding their own as the colder months of winter begin, and all are dependent upon the generosity of volunteers as well as financial patrons.

Fuel aid warms many
by Susan Esposito

During these winter months, the cost of heating homes weighs heavily on the minds of many Maine residents. This year, although there is good news because fuel costs are lower than in recent years, there is still a significant demand for assistance.

Cassidy sets sights on developing new marathon in Kenya
by Lora Whelan

What started 30 years ago as an enchantment with Africa has led Lubec resident and former Maine House Representative Katherine Cassidy to plan to spend most of 2017 working in Kenya and Uganda. The love affair began when she visited Africa for a safari in 1987, spent time in South Africa as the editor of a publication and took a number of subsequent trips. The enchantment has grown into a commitment to do on‑the‑ground work to see four different projects through to success. She departs again for East Africa in February.

New tribal chief at Sipayik faces recall
by Edward French

Passamaquoddy Chief Vera Francis, who was the vice chief at Sipayik and became chief after Fred Moore III was recalled from that office in November, now faces a recall vote. A hearing on the recall was scheduled for January 10, with the vote scheduled for Thursday, January 12, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the tribal office in the former transition house building.


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