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May 13, 2016

Eastport Coast Guard Station

PULLING TOGETHER are nearly 20 fishermen in survival suits who participated in a fishing vessel drill conductor course held May 7 at the U.S. Coast Guard Station in Eastport. The course was conducted by John McMillan of McMillan Offshore Survival Training. The training program is required by the state for those in the lobster apprentice program and for federal permit holders. (Edward French photo)

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dandelion seed fog droplets
SUN AND RAIN. Water droplets on dandelion seeds. (Chessie Crowe Gartmayer photo)

Front Page Stories

Delay in UT school shift to be considered
by Lora Whelan

Deputy Commissioner of Education William Beardsley will take under consideration a suggestion from Rep. Joyce Maker of Calais that he postpone a process that had many of the county's unorganized territories (UT) parents and children in an uproar.

by JD Rule

The Campobello Island Club (CIC) was the focus of much discussion during the April 25 meeting of the Campobello council. Restrictive deed clauses and covenants, including the right to collect association fees from islanders who are not association members, are issues that come up periodically in council discussions. According to several who spoke at the meeting, the clauses survive subsequent transfers and cause economic hardship but provide no benefits.


Drug epidemic fight needs community help

County asked to get involved
by Lora Whelan

Never has Baileyville Police Chief Bob Fitzsimmons felt such a pressing need for community members all over Washington County to get involved in helping to battle the escalating heroin and substance abuse problems the county is facing. He grew up in his hometown and has spent 17 years of his career in law enforcement. "I can't think of a family in Baileyville who hasn't been affected by this one way or another," he says. Speaking as a panelist on the evening of May 2 at Calais High School during one of three opioid and heroin community forums held in the county, he added, "I grew up with a generation that has been lost to pills. I don't want their kids to get addicted, too."

Policing forum hears concerns
by Arlene Benham

About 170 people gathered on May 5 at the Grand Manan school for a Community Policing Forum, a joint effort between the village and RCMP prompted in part by residents' concern about drug abuse. Presenters included representatives from Crime Stoppers, the Crime Reduction Unit and the Safer Communities and Neighborhoods Investigation Unit (SCAN).

School board wrestles with Columbus and Santa
by Edward French

The Eastport School Committee quickly dispatched with Christopher Columbus, tossing him overboard in short order, but wrestled for nearly an hour with Santa Claus, who was stoutly defended by three ladies of the Christian faith, before the right jolly old elf finally won. The debate at the April 27 board meeting was prompted by the innocuous-sounding agenda item to adopt the school calendar for next year. Two versions were submitted -- one referring to Columbus Day and the Christmas break and the other not mentioning Columbus and calling the vacation time at Christmas the winter break.

Deer Island natives among those fleeing Fort McMurray fire
by Susan Esposito
Two Deer Island natives living in Fort McMurray, Alberta, are safe and consider themselves lucky that they were not one of the hundreds of families who lost their homes in the conflagration.

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