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September 25, 2015

Shead High Eastport Maine Soccer

SCORING A GOAL is Shead High School Tigerette Kaylah Kilby, during a game against Narraguagus on September 14. Shead won 3-1 and now has a 6-0 record. (Don Dunbar photo)

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Eastport Maine Pirate Festival 2015
MAKING ITS WAY down Washington Street is the Pirates of Mudflat Cove float during the Eastport Pirate Festival. (Don Dunbar photo)


Front Page Stories

by Edward French

Passamaquoddy Chief Fred Moore of Sipayik has indefinitely suspended, without pay, Vice Chief Vera Francis from her executive duties and responsibilities with the tribal government following her being charged with three misdemeanor offenses that stemmed from a drunk driving charge against another tribal member. Chief Moore says that the action does not require the approval of the Sipayik Tribal Council, but some tribal councillors believe the suspension violates the Sipayik constitution and tribal government personnel policies and have submitted at statement nullifying the suspension.

Man arrested in suspicious Eastport death
by Susan Esposito

An Eastport man was arrested on September 17 in connection with the September 10 death of 75-year-old Maurice Allen Harris, also of Eastport. Hazen McDugald, 39, was arrested by the Maine State Police on two counts of aggravated assault and one count of violating his bail conditions. Because of the ongoing investigation of Harris' death, other charges could result.

Rockweed ownership lawsuit eyed
by JD Rule

Who owns the rockweed that grows in the intertidal zone? The Lubec Select Board has been asked to include the town in a lawsuit intended to answer that question. Attorney Gordon Smith appeared at the September 8 meeting to discuss an as-yet-unfiled suit brought by brothers Ken and Carl Ross, who own shoreland property in Pembroke. Smith is a member of the Portland office of the law firm of Verrill Dana. Also in attendance was Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley, who has been involved locally in the rockweed issue for many years. The Rosses are bearing legal costs.

CRH addressing financial issues
by Edward French

The financial challenges faced by Calais Regional Hospital (CRH) have been continuing, with the $3.5 million repayment to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) placing an additional strain on the hospital's budget. That amount, which CMS says it overpaid to the hospital in 2013 and 2014, is about 10% of the hospital's annual income. CMS initially requested immediate payback of the $3.5 million, and if the federal agency had not agreed to the 36-month repayment plan, interim CEO Bert Whitaker says the hospital would have had to use a line of credit and reduce its vendor payments. However, there would not have been any risk of imminent closure of the hospital.

Increase in rabies prompts response
by RJ Heller

The word "rabies" grabs attention. It conjures images right out of a movie: a rabid dog in a convulsive fit with drool exiting the mouth. Not a pretty sight nor something to be taken lightly. But it is a problem that can be controlled if it is understood by the public and by the officials who have to deal with it.


Eastport police chief submits resignation

by Edward French
After eight months on the job, Eastport Police Chief Frances LaCoute submitted her resignation on September 17, effective October 15.

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