Stories of Grand Manan veterans told
Eastport Maine
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October 10, 2014

Whiting Maine

POLITICAL SIGNS of all stripes and colors can be seen at Whiting corner. (Chessie Crowe Gartmayer photo)

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eastport maine
RIPPLING WAVES of clouds appear over the Eastport breakwater one October morning. (Don Dunbar photo)

by Edward French

The recounting of a nearly eight-year-long effort by a Perry man in dealing with a bureaucratic nightmare to obtain birth certificates and Social Security numbers for his two children reads like a Kafka novel with an American catch-22 spin.

Voters face choices in upcoming election
County, state races heat up
by Quoddy Tides Staff

For the November 4 general election in Maine, the gubernatorial race has been garnering the most media attention, while local races for Washington County sheriff, the area district attorney and for the Maine House of Representatives, including the contest between Rep. Katherine Cassidy and Will Tuell, also have been generating significant interest.

Bear baiting back on the ballot
by Lora Whelan

Controversy surrounds the citizen's initiative on bear hunting that voters will consider at the November 4 election polls in Maine. Question 1 on the referendum ballot states, "Do you want to ban the use of bait, dogs or traps in bear hunting except to protect property, public safety or for research?" Current law allows hunters to use bait to hunt bears during any portion of the open bear hunting season, allows hunters to use dogs for hunting bears during a certain portion of the season and allows hunters to use traps for hunting bears.

Stories of Grand Manan veterans told

Roger Nason has been researching the lives of Grand Manan natives and residents who served in World War I, and the following stories, excerpted from his writings, cause one to reflect on Remembrance Day, November 11.

Teacher intends to file suit over Lubec school bus incident
by JD Rule

Lubec residents continue to grapple with the aftermath of the October 8 incident involving a school bus transporting students to Machias Memorial High School and Washington Academy that resulted in the arrest of teacher Deborah Bousquet by Washington County Sheriff Donnie Smith. The actual chain of events remains in contention, with stories varying widely.


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