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September 8, 2017 
Eastport invades Lubec Maine
A WATER BATTLE between Eastport pirates and Lubec defenders took place during the pirate invasion on September 2. The revelry continued the weekend of September 8-10 at the Eastport Pirate Festival. (Don Dunbar photo)
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Pembroke Maine
RIDER B.J. MOHOLLAND and her horse Major provide the audience at the Pembroke Farm and Horse Fair on August 26 and 27 with a demonstration of Cloverleaf Barrel Racing. (John Lynch photo)

Front Page Stories

Hospital board focus of town hall questions
by Lora Whelan

A row of chairs with name tags, reserved for the Calais Regional Hospital (CRH) board of directors, sat empty during the standing‑room only town hall meeting that was organized by the Maine State Nurses Association on the evening of August 30 to allow community members to ask questions of CRH management and board members. The meeting was organized by the Coalition for Healthy Washington County Families, which was seeking to have an open discussion about the decision to close the obstetrics unit and about the management of the hospital by the for‑profit business, Quorum Health Services. The coalition includes expectant mothers, new mothers and other community members, in addition to union members and hospital employees.

Stored Solar reports significant decline in biomass purchases
by Lora Whelan

The operating status of the Jonesboro and West Enfield biomass energy plants owned by Stored Solar LLC is uncertain, with three "known" lawsuits against the company, according to Professional Logging Contractors of Maine Executive Director Dana Doran. Two of the lawsuits involve logging contractors and one involves a maintenance company. In addition, company reports filed with the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) show a significant decline in energy output and biomass purchasing over the second quarter of this year. The company is seeking to have much of its MPUC reporting deemed confidential, and company representatives have consistently declined to comment in response to press inquiries.

Downeast rallies to send aid to victims of Harvey
by Susan Esposito

Communities in Washington and Hancock counties were among those that rallied together to send aid to people in Texas working to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Pair complete 150 walks to Swallowtail
by Arlene Benham

Many events have been held across Canada this year to commemorate the country's 150th birthday. Some have been huge, drawing thousands of visitors; countless others may have been quiet personal acknowledgements of the milestone. One of those personal activities became a little bigger than its participants expected, with a finale at Grand Manan's Swallowtail Light on August 26. Norma Neves and her daughter Jennifer completed their 150th trip to the lighthouse accompanied by about 50 family and friends.

Four arrested on drug charges at Pleasant Point
by Edward French
Four area residents have been charged with trafficking or possession of heroin and cocaine, following a traffic stop at Pleasant Point. The four have now been banished from the reservation.

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