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November 10, 2017
Eastport, Maine fire
A PIECE OF EASTPORT’S HISTORY went up in flames when the former Grossman’s building in Quoddy Village was destroyed by a fire on November 7. No one was injured, but the owner lost all his possessions. See The Quoddy Tides newspaper for an article on the fire. (Edward French photo)
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West Quoddy Head by Don Donbar
WAVES BREAK on the shore near West Quoddy Head Lighthouse during the wind storm on October 30. (Don Dunbar photo)

Front Page Stories

Millennium boat molds to go to public auction
by Lora Whelan

A settlement agreement has been reached by Millennium Marine USA and the Washington County government that has as a part of its terms the public auction of four boat molds that were used by the former Eastport‑based company. The county government will auction off the boat molds on Monday, November 13, at 9 a.m. at 56 Clark Street, a vacant lot in Eastport that was purchased by Millennium's owner, Cory Guimond.

City wrestles with irresponsible bow hunters during deer season
by Lora Whelan

Just when the Eastport Deer Committee thought it was almost done for the year it found itself agreeing to take on more work. With the regular archery season that started on September 28 came some bad actors, usually younger and without the best of hunting skills. With little understanding of the city's ordinance restricting bow hunters, they were leaving behind wounded deer, carcasses and angry and frightened landowners.

Regionís musicians to be featured in new exhibit
by Lura Jackson

Since the 1920s when American youth embraced jazz music and its associated culture, social revolution has been mirrored time and time again by a revolution in the music industry. Such an occurrence is happening now as a result of a burgeoning movement of independent musicians, according to Chuck White, who, as part of the Route One Project, has been collecting recordings from musicians along the eastern seaboard for the past few months. White described his recent arrival in northeastern Maine and his subsequent realization of the musical connections of the region as "unbelievable" -- a perception that will place the region front and center at an upcoming interactive musical exhibit in Boston that White is coordinating.

Vietnam veterans recall experiences
by Susan Esposito

This November 11 will be the 99th observance of the holiday marking the end of "the war to end all wars." Unfortunately, since World War I there have been many wars, conflicts and battle that have injured or taken the lives of those who served in them. The stories of two veterans who served in the Vietnam War are told as a reminder of why Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada are observed.

St. Croix alewife run jumps nearly fivefold
by Edward French

Four years after one of the main fish ladders on the St. Croix River was reopened following a 19-year closure, the alewife run on the river increased significantly this year, jumping nearly fivefold from last year's run. A total of 157,750 alewives ended up being counted at the research trap on the Milltown dam fishway, while last year only 33,016 were counted. The average over the past 10 years is 47,142.


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