Lobsterland hits Grand Manan
Eastport Maine
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September 12,  2014

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WATCH OUT! HERE WE COME! Racing against time and each other are Eastport Pirate Festival bed race participants. The races were won by the "Friendly Pirates" of The New Friendly Restaurant. See this issue for more photos and coverage of the Pirate Festival. (Don Dunbar photo)

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campobello island, NB, Canada
THE FOG WAS THICK one recent morning at Campobello's Herring Cove, as Marvin Mitchell's crew prepares to take out herring from a stop seine. (Chessie Crowe Gartmayer photo)

by Edward French

Both reservations of the Passamaquoddy Tribe will have significant changes in leadership, following tribal elections earlier this month.

Renewable energy, efficiency demonstrated in new buildings
by Lora Whelan

Three new buildings in Washington County are providing examples of energy efficiencies and heating systems that use everything from cordwood to geothermal heat to solar gain. Two are big, multi‑use spaces with large budgets and one is a 1,300-square-foot residence built with self‑sufficiency in mind.


Films draw on local culture and history

Period movie shot in Lubec
by JD Rule

On August 21 and 22 parts of Lubec's Water Street were returned to 1870, with characters walking the street and filling local restaurants while wearing period garb. The occasion was the filming of an as‑yet unnamed feature‑length movie set in that era.

Lobsterland hits Grand Manan
by Arlene Benham

A budding filmmaker with a big story to tell visited Grand Manan during the first week of September to learn about the local lobster industry and promote his project. Brad Rivers, a film school graduate from Waterloo, Ontario, is working on a feature‑length documentary titled Lobsterland and is looking for investors to help him finish the film.

Robbinston boy faces rough start in life
by Susan Esposito

The inability to easily swallow anything has led to a rough start in life for little Mitchell Brooks, son of Norman and Lisa Brooks of Robbinston.

Rabid animal cases discovered in area
by Susan Esposito

The discovery of several rabid animals in Washington County this summer is a reminder for people to vaccinate their pets against that fatal disease.


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