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September 8, 2017





Four arrested on drug charges at Pleasant Point
by Edward French


     Four area residents have been charged with trafficking or possession of heroin and cocaine, following a traffic stop at Pleasant Point. The four have now been banished from the reservation.
     On Sunday, August 27, at approximately 10:30 a.m. a motor vehicle was stopped on Route 190 in Sipayik by the Pleasant Point Police Department. During the traffic stop, Sgt. Roger Newell discovered drugs, later identified to be heroin, crack cocaine and powdered cocaine, in the possession of both the driver and passenger. After the stop another vehicle was pulled over based on information given from members of the community, which resulted in the seizure of approximately 3-5 grams of pre-packaged heroin believed to be for retail sale. Shortly afterward, another man was arrested in an apartment in Pleasant Point for an outstanding warrant. A woman in the residence was found to have approximately 1 gram of heroin and 1 gram of crack cocaine.
     According to the police department, Chad Robinson of Baileyville has been charged with possession of scheduled drugs and aggravated trafficking of scheduled drugs and had an outstanding warrant. Jason Olsen of Pembroke was charged with possession of scheduled drugs. Adam Farley of Calais was charged with possession of scheduled drugs and had an outstanding warrant. Amanda Newell of Pleasant Point was charged with possession of scheduled drugs. More charges are pending, and the investigation is still ongoing.
     Patrol Training Officer Lewis Evans, the media spokesman for the police department, says the seizure of the relatively large amount of drugs has "a huge significance for our small community. I would say 99% of the members on our reservation are strongly against the importation of these dangerous and deadly drugs into their community. After this incident, we have had a huge outpouring of support for what was done, and it seems that everyone is hopeful that more drug arrests are imminent."
     He adds, "We strongly encourage not only our community members on the reservation but all surrounding communities as well to finally take a stand and make our voices heard. We need to stop this epidemic right here and now if there is any hope of having a safe and healthy future for our children growing in this area." Officer Evans notes that information, including anonymous tips, will be taken by any area police department, the state police or county sheriff's department. "Call your local department ask what you can do to help. We can not do this alone," the officer states.
     Concerning the banishment of the non-tribal members, Evans notes that is a right that the tribes in Maine have used for many years. There are approximately 58 non-tribal members who are banished from Pleasant Point and all tribal territories. According to Evans, "These banishments range from drug offenses to assaults and threats made against our community and its members."




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