May 9, 2014






Charlotte teacher wins state award
by Eileen Clark


     Ann Luginbuhl, an educator at the Charlotte Elementary School, has been awarded the 2014 County Teachers of the Year Award for Washington County. In February, 376 Maine teachers were nominated for consideration for the award, with one teacher from each of the 16 counties selected. Making the selection was a distinguished panel of teachers, principals and business community members. On May 6 the winners were announced.
     Luginbuhl is a very dedicated educator and praiseworthy representative for Washington County. She puts her heart and soul into teaching and encourages all students in their learning. She has had many success stories over her years of teaching and never gives up on any student. She was nominated for this honor by Anne Sluzenski, who has three children who have attended school in Charlotte.
     The 16 teachers were honored in Augusta at a Hall of Flags ceremony by Education Commissioner Jim Rier, Senate President Justin Alfond, State Board Vice Chair Peter Geiger, 2014 Maine Teacher of the Year Karen MacDonald, Educate Maine Executive Director Tanna Clews and others. Of these teachers, one will be selected as the 2015 State Teacher of the Year. These teachers will continue to participate in an intensive selection process that includes a video showcasing their classroom instructional practices, a professional portfolio, a school site visit and a final interview.
     Ms. L, as she is known to her students and the school community, started teaching grades 6, 7 and 8 this school year and teaches all academic subject areas. She had previously been the Resource Room teacher for special education and the gifted and talented program. Starting her teaching career at the Charlotte Elementary School in 1985, she left in 1988 and returned in 1994. She had asked to take a one‑year leave of absence while starting her family. After her daughter Sophia was born, she decided to stay home to be a mom and to parent a second child, Will, during the six years that she was not at the Charlotte school. Her children attended school in Charlotte. Ms. L continues to serve as the technology coordinator and gifted and talented teacher for the school.
She states, "I absolutely love my job. I love working in Charlotte because of the wonderful students and families. I love being able to see students grow and change through the years in my room and at our school."
     Ms. L started an after-school Robotics Club 11 years ago and has been the advisor of it since that time. She organizes a regional robotics competition and helps other teachers organize robotics programs in their schools. She is president of the State Board for Maine Educators of the Gifted and Talented. This year she started a program for her classroom students to participate in a Personal Learning Project. The students worked on their PLP all year and presented their projects at an evening program on April 30. She hopes to make this an annual event. This summer she will be working as a St. Croix Island teacher ranger.
     Ms. L received her bachelor of arts degree from Middlebury College and a master of arts in education from George Washington University. She served two years, from 1981B1983, in Sierra Leone as a Peace Corps volunteer. She is married to Christopher Guida and makes her home in Edmunds.

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